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Profitability of Pasta


Here’s why pasta is so powerful on the menu of almost any operation in today’s economy:
  • One pound of dry pasta, when cooked, will yield approximately 2 pounds of pasta

Easy Portion Costing

What else in your kitchen or on your menu offers this kind of amazing profit opportunity? It would be hard to find a better contributor to a restaurant’s bottom line than a great center-of-the plate of pasta.

Average Check vs. Contribution Margin

Even with a few ounces of chicken, some sauce and maybe a signature cheese the profit is phenomenal. When you consider food costs, a pasta dish can be nearly twice as profitable as a steak dinner - even though the menu price for the pasta dish is less.

Here is another tip to remember, by choosing a unique pasta shape, you can serve an inspired and extraordinary menu item that no one else in the area might be serving. Bottom line, just add one or two more pasta dishes to the menu - and you’ve made customers happy, and built a bigger margin of profit.